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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Looking For a Train Case

O.K. So right now I am on a mission to find a Train Case that will fit all of my makeup! I am not trying to spend a lot of money cause I don't have a lot of money, so I have a few options!
1. Buy a Caboodles which is any where between 20 and 50 dollars
2. Find the right materials and make my own 20 to 30 dollars
3. Spend like 100 dollars and get one from Sephora and be even more broke than I already am.
That means 3 is out of the running and I am just sitting at option 1 or 2 and I am leaning towards 2 more than one. Now dont get me wrong, I am crafty and like making things, but how am I going to make this?
I am not sure how it will start but I know there will be fabric and either hot glue or nails used so that could mean I am going to be using either wood, which is very heavy or something light and just glue it and expect it to fall apart in either a few weeks or months! This might just make me lean towards number 1 more than anything! So I really would like some input on these ideas!
Thanks So Much For Reading!

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  1. Have you tried ebay or Craigslist? My first thought when I read the first couple of sentences is that if you don't mind it looking, least attractive, a fishing tackle box. Walmart has some really nifty tackle boxes.
    Try this? http://www.nextag.com/train-case/shop-html

    Or even try on Etsy. I bet there are some on there and even some with a vintage feel, which would be real cool.