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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

~*~ Pioneer Soap Works ~*~ Review!

HI EVERYONE! So I know you are excited to read this! I am excited just to write it!

So this is going to be a few parts to get everything reviewed! This is the part one and the two items that are going to be reviewed in this part are:
Peppermint Eucalyptus Liquid Soap :)
Peppermint Cooler Lip Balm <3

Here is the items review!
So Rachel sent me quite a few items to try and review! This was a tough decision to make on which to try first but I made it.
I decided to try the Peppermint Eucalyptus Liquid Soap First!

It smells soooo good. That's the first thing I noticed! It isn't to strong or weak, its just the right amount of scent! PERFECT!
Now I have used plenty of soaps over the years! I hope the  rest of you have as well... lol.
Do you know the feeling you get once you wash your hands with store bought liquid soaps, it feels like a waxy feel (NOT CLEAN).
The first time I tried the Peppermint Ecualyptus Liquid Soap, I thought I was in Heaven! It was such a clean feeling, thats awesome! It was the squeaky clean feeling! I truely LOVE that feeling! I don't have to double wash my hands to feel clean!
My hands still even have the scent of peppermint to them once dried!
Everything is professionally labeled and packaged for the better! I was honestly very surprised when the box got here. 
It's so hard to review this right now because its way to perfect!


Packaging: 10 - Sterile- Professional Packaging
Label: 10 - Tells Exactly whats in it and how to use (though you should know how to use soap)
Quality: 10 - Goes on well and comes off well, scent stays very clean feeling
Scent: 10 - Very good smell!

All Together! 10 -- Pioneer Soap Works Made four 10's for the Peppermint Eucalyptus Liquid Soap

Now for the Peppermint Cooler Lip Balm Review:

So for the Lip Balm Review, I really liked this Lip Balm, the peppermint in it gave a tingly cool feeling! I liked that a lot! I loved the smell and it smells so good as well! I will probably have to order some more here in the next two months! Though it might not last that long lol! Anyways, this is probabley going to be the short part of the review! Its lip balm and its awesome! Enough said... o.k well not really! Pioneer Soap Works is probabley one of the best companys out there that I have found!

Number Scorse for Peppermint Lip Balm:

Packaging: 10 - Enough Said lol *look to the top for the reason!
Label: 9.5 - I did have to push the sticker up just a smidge so I could turn the little dial at the bottom.
Quality: 10 - Goes on well! Stays on for a good long time!
Scent: 10 - Smells awesome!

So again we have straight of a 10 :)
I am honestly a turned Pioneer Soap Works Customer!
If you would like to try any of the products for yourself please check out:

I promise you! That You will FALL in LOVE with the products!

LAST BUT NOT LEAST! I was not paid nor compenstated in anyway to do this review! Everything That I have put here is my own opinion and mine alone! If you try it out and have a different opinion please let me here it! I LOVE PIONEER SOAP WORKS!

<3 Ashley <3

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