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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Scandal Us Suds Review

Ok so I dont have any pictures for this review nor a website right now :( sorry! I found this seller on etsy.com and now I can't find her anywhere! But Im still going to review the products even though I can't even tell you the name of the products. 1 is a lotion and the other is a suger scrub.

So Since I cant find any information on anything I am going to give you the best review I can, Im sorry if it isnt the best I am hoping that it gives you enough information until I can find more information!

So for the first item I am review is going to be the lotion! The smell is great, it makes the skin feel good and it feels good after you shave, its a citris-like-melon smell which is pretty good smelling! I like it!

The rating I will give is
Packaging: 8 -- No label
Quality: 9 -- Its not oily but does take a minute or two to rub in completely
Smell: 9 -- Just because I am not a citris fan, but it does smell good!

Now for the second item the sugar scrub.
Worked good after I shaved, kinda burned since I knicked my legs a few times (my fault though). It does smell good, kinda strong but I can deal with it!

The rating I will give for this is:
Packaging: 7 -- a lot of the liquid? that was in there leaked out on the shipment to me :-/
Quality: 9
Smell: 7 -- for it being a strong scent!

Last but not least! I was not paid or compenstated in any way to do this review! Everything That has been posted here has been my honest opinion!

♥ Ashley ♥

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